Goondaloo Creek


3rd Saturday of the month from 8:00 – 10:00 am.


This site lies adjacent to the Palliative Care Centre at the Townsville Hospital. It was built with a true sense of community spirit, with funds raised for the project by the Queensland Cancer Council.

History of this site

Various community groups were consulted by Queensland Health during construction of the Palliative Care Centre, to help re-vegetate the adjacent creek area. CDTLI heeded this call and held the first site day in January 2010. On that day, 50 new trees were planted and weeds removed, with volunteers participating from the hospital, Conservation Volunteers Australia and James Cook University.


Current work

Over the past ten years CDTLI has continued to run site sessions to maintain the trees from early planting sessions at Goondaloo Creek. We have also continued to remove weeds and add new native trees. The aim is to restore the natural creek habitat, support native wildlife, control erosion and improve water quality, and to enhance the scenic quality for residents of the Palliative Care Centre.

In July 2020 we held a special planting event at Goondaloo Creek as part of the Communities Environment Program. On that day we succeeded in planting another 400 new native trees on the site, thanks to awesome support from over 60 volunteers including members of JCU Zoology Club and JCU Student Association who provided a delicious barbecue lunch.

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