Rowes Bay


1st Saturday of the month from 8:15 – 10:30 am.


This coastal site extends for 1km along the Rowes Bay. Restoration activities enhance the stability and habitat values of the local environment.

History of this site

Coastal areas provide a desired place for us to live, these ecosystems have decreased in size and function around the world. In Townsville, the beach dune community from Rowes Bay to Pallarenda has been heavily impacted by invasive vegetation, litter and erosion for decades.

The decrease in tree canopy cover throughout this area has led to the groundcover being overrun by dense, invasive species. SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (SLR) decided in early 2023 to help rehabilitate a site situated at Rowes Bay. Removing invasive flora species and planting a diversity of native plants will allow for an increase in biodiversity, stabilisation of the beach dunes and increase the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Challenges for the site have so far included few water access points to water native plants, bollards along the perimeter of the site that inhibit the placement of mulch directly on the site and loose sandy soils with minimal water holding capacity.

Current work

SLR has dedicated significant efforts to transform a once-barren landscape into a thriving dune ecosystem covered with native species. Current activities involve, but are not limited to, extending the clearing of invasive ground and shrub species, mulching areas to reduce weed recolonisation and planting native tree, shrub and ground species. Some dormant native seeds have already started to sprout since the removal of the invasive groundcover and multiple native species planted earlier in the year have already started to flower and self-seed.

Since October 2023, the site has been welcoming community volunteers and other passionate individuals who want to contribute to enhancing this landscape. Site days typically occur the first Saturday of every month, starting around 8:15am. All volunteers are welcome to help restore this dune community.

For more information about this project, please contact us.